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The Streetwise Millionaire  by Gordon Mackay – Learn how you can retire in 5 years or less – R 225.00

Dance Until it Rains – Stories of ordinary people who have overcome major difficulties and succeeded with great success. Amazon best seller – R 225.00

Think and Grow Rich Made Simple – Incredible book with tools that will guarantee you success –

R 225.00

Understand Your Accountant – Learn to Easily Read and Understand Your Financial statements –

R 225.00

Science of Getting Rich – Here you will get the exact scientific tools that will make you rich – R 225.00

Debt Collecting by Telephone – A simple easy way to collect your money – R 175.00


Total Tenant Control 

 E    B O OK  

 Find out how to let and sub-let properties successfully. You will be given the tools to make sure you only get A GRADE tenants who PAY THEIR RENT IN FULL & ON TIME. Discover new tools you have never heard of before which are very effective and will save you lots of money. You will also learn how to get rid of bad tenants quickly. Gordon uses the exact same tools and documents to manage more than 250 properties. You can also apply the principals to any other business!





How to make it and How to keep it

 A Live Recording of the Money & You Seminar

by Gordon Mackay


 Learn from Gordon’s  38 years of experience. Everything in this DVD is based on fact and is TRUE

  • Retire early 
  • Get out of debt
  • Have an Income for Life without working 
  • Become financially free 
  • Learn the basic formula for creating wealth
  • Become a Property Millionaire

“Awesome work! I was watching  your DVD with a friend on Tuesday and it’s brilliant!” Grant Vernon 

“Hi Gordon, I just watched the DVD and I must say, excellent!”  3G Group

 “Since  watching your DVD I have become so inspired by your life story and how easy it is to create wealth. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the great work.” L.H.

 R 275.00


E Books – Electronic Books :

The Streetwise Millionaire by Gordon Mackay  – How To Retire In 5 Years or Less – R 175.00

Total Tenant Control  by Gordon Mackay – All the tools to become a successful Landlord and manage your tenants effectively – R 375.00

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The secrets to retiring in 5 years

Retire In 5 Years Or Less

Money & You Seminar DVD Recording

Money & You Seminar DVD Recording

All the tools to become a successful Landlord and manage your tenants effectively

Solve Tenant Problems