You can do it too

Some of you might remember the story of John and Denise who started my mentoring program in 2011.

They live in the U S A and declared bankruptcy in 2009. They also lost their jobs. The only job John could get was to clean toilets at the local municipality. Read their testimonial below….

When my wife and I first met, we talked about fixing up houses and renting them; but after 6 years this was all talk.

In 2009 we declared bankruptcy and thought there is no way that we will be able to reach our goals and probably never retire. 

After a suggestion by a dear friend to read the Streetwise Millionaire we started to believe that maybe we can reach for the stars and achieve our goals.  Gordon Mackay’s honesty about his success and failures had inspired us to make changes in our life to reach our goals.  We stopped living in the moment and looked toward the future.

After reading the ‘Streetwise Millionaire – How to Retire in Five Years’ and finishing the Mentoring Program we bought our first investment property in 2012, taking advantage of the downturn in the economy and the money we had saved. 

We were on our way to our goal of 10 investment properties in 5 years; you may think 10 properties in 5 years is not much of a goal.

But in 2009 when we lost our home to the bank; my wife said she never wanted to feel that way again and when we closed on that first property her first comment was ‘Now they can never take this one away from me…’.

Now one year later (2013) we own four properties.

Thanks to Gordon Mackay and his real estate strategies the future is looking much brighter and retirement is a real possibility if we continue to follow this path. 

Gordon Mackay your teachings have made my wife and I’s dreams a reality. Please know this is written from the heart and also the mind in which you have changed both. Thank You.” John & Denise, Florida

I would like to mention some of John and Denise’s successful actions:


  • Take responsibility for their own money.
  • Work very hard and make a lot of sacrifices
  • Are disciplined
  • Have high integrity and ethics
  • Focus on the positives

Why don’t you copy John and Denise and see what happens. Start with “baby steps”.

I guarantee YOU can do it!

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Quote       “Your choices today create your tomorrow”


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